TV Twitter Reactions: Castle 4×21 “Headhunters”

Firefly fans were treated to a special episode of Castle on Monday when Adam Baldwin made a guest appearance. Read the reactions.

  • @michicants Ugh, sobbing inwardly at all the subtext. Sweet show, I love you so muhuhuhuhuhhhch #Castle
  • @00jess_marie00 The bar fight on #Castle was like watching Jayne and Wash in a fight :-)
  • @deeps_strength I want Slaugther to come back in some future episode :D #castle
  • @thehikikomori Seeing Adam Baldwin on #Castle reminds me why I hate Fox for cancelling #Firefly
  • @Isis_Nocturne Dear gods of media, THANK YOU for the #Firefly reunion on #Castle!
  • @Zonoozy Best episode of #Castle yet! @NathanFillion + @AdamSBaldwin = full of win.
  • @lildeedee80 Shiny #castle
  • @MaskedDevera Adam Baldwin is in this episode playing a loose cannon. Amazing episode so far with some hilarious exchanges. #Castle
  • @nicoleettinger OMG #Castle needs to make a spinoff starring Fillion and Baldwin. STAT.
  • @britt0512 Only 10 min into the new episode of #castle and I already can’t stop laughing.
  • @ShoXiao bahahaha #gameofthrones nod on #castle@NathanFillion and writers…you sly dawgs you.
  • @LindsayBread Did #Castle just give Det. Slaughter a #browncoat? Sweet.
  • @Corynrags Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion having great chemistry certainly doesn’t hurt either. #Castle
  • @CarolinN Wonderful #Firefly hommage in the latest #Castle episode. And the body was not even found by a screaming woman!
  • @amiranda92 Awesome episode of #Castle tonight!
  • @LivingSoundtrac #FireflyReunion on #Castle! Am I the only one who wants to bust out “Our Man Jayne” but can’t remember the words?
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