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An Interview with Fringenuity

Welcome to Fringe Week everyone!

We think the perfect way to kick off the week is with an interview with Aimee (@aimeeinchains), a member of the Fringenuity team. They are the most active Fringe faction and have received national attention with their twitter campaign during Season 4. Aimee took some time to share what Fringenuity has planned for the final season and offer advice to other fandoms fighting low ratings. Consider this the State of the Fringe Universe address.

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Fall TV by the Numbers: A Statistical Breakdown of This Season’s New Network TV Shows

It’s that time of year again: time to break out the TV Guide and get ready for a weekly battle with your DVR, because there’s just not enough room to record an entire marathon of The Vampire Diaries, and Last Resort, and the premiere of 30 Rock all at the same time. If you’re like me (addicted to TV, living vicariously through fictional characters, convinced that cake is a breakfast food, etc.), this is pretty much the most exciting time of the year, because you never know which new show could be your next obsession. Although, in my case, this excitement tends to transition into heartbreak pretty quickly, as I often fall in love with shows that inevitably get canceled. (RIP Lone Star, The Unusuals, Terriers, Better Off Ted…)

So how can you decide which new shows are worth watching and which ones are The Neighbors a waste of time? This year I’ve decided to take my evaluation of the season’s new crop of TV shows one step further with a statistical analysis based on a wide variety of factors, including genre, average character age, number of cumulative awards from the cast and creators, and whether or not anyone appears shirtless in the promo. (I think we all know what the most important factors are in choosing which shows to watch.) Here are the stats for the new network shows of the season calculated based on their previews and/or pilot episodes…

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New Fall Dramas: What To Watch

Left to right: ‘Nashville’ (ABC), ‘Arrow’ (The CW), ‘Revolution’ (NBC)

This time last year, I was tingling with excitement over Ringer, doubting the concept of Once Upon a Time, and I was pretty confident that Pan Am was going to catch on. Needless to say, no one watched Ringer, Once Upon a Time was the highest-rated new drama of the season, and Pan Am didn’t catch on so much as burn off. But that’s part of the fun of every new TV season: anything is possible. A show about amnesiac fairytale characters can become a huge hit, and a remake of a successful British police drama can get axed before you can say, “What’s with Maria Bello’s fedora?” I guess what I’m really trying to say is, my predictions of what shows will and won’t succeed are probably completely wrong…but here they are anyway!

Check out this fall’s new network drama series, some of which look very promising, and others…well, you’ll see…

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New Fall Comedies: What We’re Watching (And What We’re Not)

Left to right: ‘Ben and Kate’ (Fox), ‘Go On’ (NBC), ‘The Mindy Project’ (Fox)

A new season of television is upon us! Which means we have a new buffet of shows to pick from, some of which are destined to become new favorites, and some of which will fall by the wayside. (Oh hi, The Neighbors, I didn’t see you there.) This TV season brings us aliens, monkeys, lots of babies, and yet another sitcom from Matthew Perry. So what should you put on your watch list, and what should you skip? Here’s a rundown of our impressions of this fall’s new comedies…

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Johnny D-Lights reviews Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

Blogger John Dellaporta reviews ABC’s new comedy, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, starring Dawson Creek‘s James Van Der Beek and Veronica Mars alum, Krysten Ritter. Read it here.

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For Your Consideration: NBC’s New Drama ‘Awake’

Tonight marks the premiere of NBC’s long-awaited (at least by me) new series Awake, starring Jason Isaacs. You may remember him as Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies, but you’d never guess it by looking at him now. Devoid of his platinum blonde wig and British accent, Isaacs plays police detective Michael Britten, a man living in two different worlds: one in which his wife is dead, and one in which his son is dead. Michael struggles with the constant uncertainty of his reality, wondering which world is a dream, all the while picking up clues from both worlds and using them to solve different cases.

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TV Twitter Reactions: Bones 7×01 “The Memories in the Shallow Grave”

Read what folks on Twitter are saying about the Season 7 premiere of Bones.

  • @liljamie500 I love the #bones premiere! Booth and Bones all the way!!
  • @Keala21 The season has begun! Awesome first episode keep up the good work!#Bones
  • @introvertwriter Holy cuteness, Hodgins and his son! I hope there’s more! #Bones
  • @_Megg_77 Watching the season premiere of #bones!!! Tonight couldnt get much better! :)
  • @juicyfizz Cam’s hair looks dumb. #bones
  • @ceciliaheston After not have watching #Bones for so long I forgot how much I love it.
  • @MJRojas28 I am totally loving the new opening credits!! #Bones
  • @ebonydemers Waited so long for the #bones season 7 premier tonight, and I was not disappointed!!! The beginning of a great season to come! Can’t wait!
  • @_Lancifer Oh man Sweets, YOU still have a lot to learn. #Bones
  • @CLB007 Hope that the rest of the Season is as fun, entertaining & interesting as the premiere of #Bones! Looking forward, please don’t disappoint!!
  • @MayBalatico Loving the new season of #BONES!!!
  • @ctetallo #bones is back… My life is happy again!
  • @valleria93 It so … different now. #BONES But I love it.
  • @NautieWon When #Bones began it was awesome, fresh, different, challenging to the mind,,,,but this Bones seems like a really grown up Bones
  • @scaackler I like hormonal #bones
  • @Starla126 This is the best episode of #Bones EVER!
  • @_Cassandra_K_ Oh this season of #Bones is gonna be great. I love being able to relate to Bones’ and her #pregnancy #fb
  • @WishfulMiss I couldnt love #Bones more if I won the Lotto :-)
  • @ceeray3 OK…Gotta say…Love how Booth dove for the neck! #BONES
  • @Mro_xx Bones and Booth are moving in together..!!YAY #Bones

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“Chucking Around” by Johnny D-Lights

Johnny D-Lights blogger Angelle reviews Friday’s Chuck premiere. Read it here.

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‘Once Upon A Time’ reviewed by Johnny D-Lights

Blogger, John Dellaporta, gives us his thoughts on ABC’s new television show, Once Upon A Time. Read it here.

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TV Twitter Reactions: Once Upon A Time premiere

Image by 'Once Upon A Time'

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