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Meryl Monday: “Think of Meryl Streep” from Fame

Happy Meryl Monday everyone!

Start your week listening to the song, “Think of Meryl Streep” from the musical, Fame. It’s a motto we should all live by.

Meryl Monday: Fans react to Streep’s Oscar win

Meryl Streep is a BELOVED actress so when she won her third Oscar in February after 29 years, it was really a win for all her fans. Don’t believe me? Watch the videos below.

Devon jumps on the couch Tom Cruise style after hearing Streep’s name.

This first year theatre major from Canada couldn’t contain her excitement as she watched the Oscars with friends.

Stephen is on pins and needles as he waits to hear Firth announce the winner.

Adriana cries as Streep walks to receive her award.

Colin Firth’s introduction for Meryl is enough to make Tim emotional.

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