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TV Twitter Reactions: Castle 4×14 “Blue Butterfly”

Read what folks had to say about Monday’s new episode of Castle.

  • @StanaDevoted That episode was amazing ! <3 #BlueButterfly #Castle
  • @CastleLOVERugby Only @Stana_katic can do an arrrgh-kkk like a boss!!! #bluebutterfly#Castle
  • @VegetarianBlog I loved watching #Castle! I liked the 1947 scenes, starring Castle & Beckett as the main characters. I hope that they get together!
  • @JeremyToburen Great #Castle tonight! Best one of the season.
  • @mal_rose95 Castle disappoint me sometimes #castle
  • @Carlyy_2013 Probably one of the best episodes of #Castle ever. Why is television so wonderfully addicting?
  • @jilljohns13 Tonight’s #Castle was one of the best yet.. Now I wish I could time travel.
  • @Allyson_Singsxo Thanks to #Castle, I’m at about a 9 on the Kristin Bell emotional scale. #BlueButterfly
  • @ghostKiwi #castle was awesome tonight and can’t wait till next week. Found out I like the whole 1940’s PI thing.
  • @artboyjmp Why would the Castle writers build up this Becket “kiss” tension and ruin it in a throwback episode #castle Seems to be lagging a bit
  • @TheSuicideTrees #Castle absolutely ruled tonite #BlueButterfly
  • @SherriHarris88 Also loved Ryan and Esposito’s accents, swoon worthy!
  • @k_cart Can we just talk about @tamalajones singing on #Castle? Girl’s got mad skills!
  • @Btownyaknow Castle blowing my mind #castle #bluebutterfly
  • @xxxCrazy4TVxxx #Castle I’m confused
  • @Timandera That was one awesome episode. #Castle

TV Twitter Reactions: Castle 4×08 “Heartbreak Hotel”

Read what folks are saying about Monday’s episode of Castle.

  • @EHDixson Sorry #Castle tonight’s episode just seemed disjointed. Not a fan of this one.
  • @mkroggasch Not cool Jenny. I like you, but you don’t make Ryan pick your half brother to be his best man over Esposito. He’s his best friend! #Castle
  • @xxxCrazy4TVxxx #Castle The tension between Castle & Alexis was TENSE. Families don’t survive with secrets between them.
  • @tvgoddess47 I’m really not liking how Beckettless this episode is :( I think Alexis is in it more than her. #Castle
  • @mcpace #castle I hate the new chief! Hate hate hate her.
  • @hattjam1008 LMFAO! #Castle‘s gone all 3000 Miles to Graceland.
  • @TheTVFangirls Good for Alexis!!! #Castle
  • @ali_lauren14 That guy is a douche #Castle
  • @JennaBerkey Alexis what did you do!?!?!?! #Castle #HeartbreakHotel
  • @tracythewriter #Castle has become the one show DH and I watch live. Thank you, @NathanFillion and crew for seriously badass TV!!
  • @LynneaRochez #Castle #HeartbreakHotel LOVED IT! :) Awesome episode!!!!
  • @feralkiwi nathan fillion makes a surprisingly good (and uncanny) elvis #castle #nathanfillion
  • @bexcellente For the first time in… ever, not digging Beckett’s style choices this episode. #Castle
  • @MichaelCrider I’m increasingly convinced that #Castle is just an excuse for Nathan Fillion to play dress-up. And I’m OK with that.
  • @p0s8u Disappointed in Alexis’ behavior at the end. :-/ #HeartBreakHotel #Castle
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