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‘Dead Man Down’ Review

Dead Man Down

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Dead Man Down is the rare thriller that is both grippingly suspenseful and visually stunning. It crackles with energy, most of which is generated by the taut performances from Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace—both in peak form. The sparse dialogue makes every word all the more potent, and the script itself is as remarkable as the finely tuned action and suspense. Dead Man Down is more than just a riveting thriller, though. It’s also an intimate portrait of two broken people looking for retribution.

At first glance, Dead Man Down is a dark, gritty, noir-infused crime drama that follows a man named Victor (Colin Farrell) who infiltrates a crime lord’s inner circle in order to exact his revenge. Farrell brings the same dark intensity that he brought to his role as a tortured hit man in In Bruges. The rest of the cast—which includes Terrence Howard and Dominic Cooper—deliver excellent performances as well.

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TV Twitter Reactions: Castle 4×08 “Heartbreak Hotel”

Read what folks are saying about Monday’s episode of Castle.

  • @EHDixson Sorry #Castle tonight’s episode just seemed disjointed. Not a fan of this one.
  • @mkroggasch Not cool Jenny. I like you, but you don’t make Ryan pick your half brother to be his best man over Esposito. He’s his best friend! #Castle
  • @xxxCrazy4TVxxx #Castle The tension between Castle & Alexis was TENSE. Families don’t survive with secrets between them.
  • @tvgoddess47 I’m really not liking how Beckettless this episode is :( I think Alexis is in it more than her. #Castle
  • @mcpace #castle I hate the new chief! Hate hate hate her.
  • @hattjam1008 LMFAO! #Castle‘s gone all 3000 Miles to Graceland.
  • @TheTVFangirls Good for Alexis!!! #Castle
  • @ali_lauren14 That guy is a douche #Castle
  • @JennaBerkey Alexis what did you do!?!?!?! #Castle #HeartbreakHotel
  • @tracythewriter #Castle has become the one show DH and I watch live. Thank you, @NathanFillion and crew for seriously badass TV!!
  • @LynneaRochez #Castle #HeartbreakHotel LOVED IT! :) Awesome episode!!!!
  • @feralkiwi nathan fillion makes a surprisingly good (and uncanny) elvis #castle #nathanfillion
  • @bexcellente For the first time in… ever, not digging Beckett’s style choices this episode. #Castle
  • @MichaelCrider I’m increasingly convinced that #Castle is just an excuse for Nathan Fillion to play dress-up. And I’m OK with that.
  • @p0s8u Disappointed in Alexis’ behavior at the end. :-/ #HeartBreakHotel #Castle
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