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TV Twitter Reactions: Castle 4×18 “A Dance with Death”

It seems as though the promo after Monday’s episode got more buzz than the episode itself.

  • @Karina_Beck1 #Castle#ADanceWithDeath was awesome!
  • @AnnaFont_ie Can I just DIE NOOOOWW….. How the hell I’m supposed to LIVE with that PROMO!!!?? #CASTLE
  • @thatistheburden Beckett should wear red all the time. #Castle
  • @Kevinpsb00 Enjoying another great episode of #Castle
  • @JenniferABillot almost wet myself with excitement at the promo for next week’s Castle! #Castle#47seconds
  • @Clark009 Now watching #Castle its been a while since I’ve last seen it..#lovethisshow
  • @Starbuck7121 Dear #Castle: thank you for distracting me from my head imploding for an hour. #deathbymutantdemonspawnvirus
  • @Amy_Marie97 HOLY BIG MOUTH. #redlips#CASTLE
  • @AnaclaraMvd now i understand the power of the media .. with just a promo, they killed a entire fandom! #Castle
  • @calmer410 Oh my god, the promo for next week’s #Castle is killing me. Beckett remembers!
  • @bakerswhit damn, got really confused with the beginning of #castle. esp after watching the end of #DWTS#craycray
  • @dfculver #castle was awesome. So excited for next week!
  • @reallysharrie I need to update my #castle fan fix
  • @bonesgirl84 Can’t believe the promo for next week’s episode of #Castle! I can’t wait!! My stomach is already in knots!
  • @ForeverRK Next week #Castle going to ROCK! OMG I can just see the Squeee Angst from here lol

“47 Seconds” Promo

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