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TV Twitter Reactions: Ringer “The Poor Kids Do It Everyday”

  • @katelinnea I try not to bring this stuff up much, but “It’s a little fabric-challenged” was a very Buffy-sounding line. #Ringer
  • @rezell89 The house on #Ringer looks like the house that was used in “Everybody Hate Chris.”
  • @TibiTaylor This show gets more puzzling by the wk.
  • @whitney3687 #Ringer was really good, as per usual. Bridget wasn’t kidding about getting rid of her old life. She left those prints on purpose. Damn.
  • @torraymondo #Ringer tonight!! Did Gemma die or not? We’ll find out!
  • @LoveTVMusicFilm Another Awesome Episode! There is no way to predict what will happen next! #Ringer
  • @alegb3108 This is getting realgood!
  • @CHANeBEAVE Loving #Ringer! Really wish they would deal with the pregnancy dumbness though…. #CW
  • @She_Weezy2012 Why do all the hot boys have something wrong with em #JustSayin #Ringer
  • @ansareb #Ringer was freaking awesome !! I cant wait till next week its going to be even better
  • @Kristana77 Good episode of #Ringer tonight! I do hope they start giving us some answers soon. So many ?’s

The CW Network’s blunder means fresh spoilers for Ringer fans

Photo by Art Streiber 2011

I was watching Ringer on the CW website and decided to turn on the Closed Captions feature because I missed one of the lines. However, the text that appeared did not match the episode’s dialogue. I thought it was a simple technical error but it proved to be much more than that. The Closed Captions were for next week’s episode!  I was reading the dialogue for “The Poor Kids Do It Everyday.” I decided to rewind and capture a few screenshots for Ringer fans. Stop reading now if you do not want to know what happens next week.


Episode 6 picks up right where Episode 5 left off. Andrew returns home after getting aspirin for Juliet and tells Siobhan (really Bridget) that he stopped by Gemma’s house and found Henry acting weird.

Before attending her first day at public school, Juliet delivers the episode’s title.

Uh-Oh! Looks as though Bridget must overcome some major temptation when Juliet surrenders her stash of drugs. And guess who she calls…Charlie, the guy she met at NA.

And we all thought that Henry was responsible for Gemma’s disappearance. Well, the story may be more complicated than we thought. Henry accuses Siobhan (Bridget) of killing Gemma.

Agent Machado gets some surprising news from the NYPD which prompts him to make a phone call to Siobhan.

Make sure to watch Ringer on Tuesday at 9/8 c.

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