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Stuff Matt Watches reviews One Tree Hill

one tree hill

Blogger Matt Bolin reviews One Tree Hill‘s newest episode, “Danny Boy.” Read his review here.

You can also follow Matt on Twitter @mattbolin.

TV Twitter Reactions: One Tree Hill 9×11 “Danny Boy”

one tree hill

Wednesday’s One Tree Hill was an emotional episode. Find out how the fans reacted.

  • @MellyMarieD Hands down the absolute BEST episode of #OneTreeHill I’ve ever seen. Seriously. A beautiful demonstration of what forgiveness looks like.
  • @wendijerich WOW I have no words for nights episode of #OneTreeHill :) glad we got to see keith one more time though!
  • @hallie_danielle Never thought I would be so emotional over a tv show. Literally exhausted myself from crying #onetreehill #ripdanscott
  • @britthoydich Just finished watching tonight’s episode of #OneTreeHill w/ my mom & sister & now the room is full of 3 crying girls. That show got us good.
  • @iJoLai I love how they’re wrapping up #OneTreeHill … Only a couple episodes left. #OTH
  • @AnjuliVelazquez LOVED #OTH tonight! Especially loved Julian wanting to make a show now! Loved how #DawsonsCreek did it & love that#OneTreeHill is finishing
  • @daneordie i seriously can’t even handle this episode right now. i am the biggest baby ever. #onetreehill
  • @dkosak I wont say who… when was the last time a show pulled off bringing an old char. back completely unspoiled to even tv critics?#OneTreeHill
  • @KaylaSommes #OneTreeHill was so sad tonight! #balledmyeyesout! I can’t believe he is dead
  • @sydneerin I cried 3 times watching #OneTreeHill tonight.
  • @ErinThalheimer i’ve had my favorites, but i think this was the best episode of#onetreehill i’ve ever seen. paul johansson did phenomenal
  • @allieknodell #onetreehill literally just made me bawl my eyes out#onlytwoepisodesleft
  • @raveetm12 Tonight’s episode of #onetreehill was everything I hoped for & more. This is why I fell in love with the show!
  • @Paigebruce Oh goodness! #OTH was too much tonight. I’m crying like a big baby!
  • @halesjade One Tree Hill really stomped all over my heart tonight. So many tears. I feel like I had my own closure with Dan Scott. #OTH
  • @AprilPrice I can’t believe Dan is dead I really love him now! #oth
  • @Kat_Myers15 Wow. Depressing but good #OTH episode. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the final two eps.
  • @tayloriscool Literally cried that entire episode of #oth. sad and happy tears
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