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Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Musical Episodes

Buffy Fringe Community HIMYM musical episodes

I must have been really good this year because Santa (and by Santa, I mean Dan Harmon) gave me exactly what I wanted for Christmas: a musical episode of Community! I’ve been hoping and waiting for my favorite comedy series to finally do a musical, and seeing as I’ll be waiting, ahem, awhile for the next new episode, I’m glad the midseason finale was full of awesomeness to tide me over. To celebrate, I thought this week we’d tally up our favorite musical episodes. Some were astounding, influential, and Emmy-nominated (“Once More, With Feeling”), and others were just entertaining.

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Top 5 Tuesday: Gender Bending Character Names on TV

Left to right: Caroline Dhavernas as Jaye on 'Wonderfalls,' Adam Baldwin as Jayne on 'Firefly,' and Sarah Chalke as Elliot on 'Scrubs'

Happy All Saints Day, everyone! Wait, wasn’t there something else important happening today? Oh yeah! It’s Top 5 Tuesday! Nothing cures your sugar hangover from all that Halloween candy like an arbitrary ranking of our favorite TV characters. This week we’re counting up our top 5 TV characters with opposite gender names. Let’s do this!

1.) Jayne (Firefly) – When you look at Jayne, you think, “Now that’s a guy who seems like he should have a woman’s name.” HA! Yeah right. Jayne might be the manliest space cowboy in TV history. It’s almost like he’s trying to compensate for his feminine name.

2.) Jaye (Wonderfalls) – Bryan Fuller seems to have a thing for giving his female lead characters typically male names. The sarcastic heroine of the brilliant but short-lived comedy Wonderfalls earned her unorthodox name, going against the grain in pretty much everything that she does, including her job as a low-level retail employee in a gift shop despite her Ivy League education.

3.) Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel) – Okay, so maybe Angel isn’t strictly a woman’s name, but can we all agree that it’s not a man’s name? (Even if it is short for Angelus.) Then again, considering the amount of hair product Angel uses, maybe it’s fitting that he has a girl’s name.

4.) Elliot (Scrubs) – Her parents were expecting a boy, and they never quite got over their disappointment at her being a girl. Good thing that disappointment didn’t cause any lingering neuroses in Elliot’s personality. Oh wait…

5.) Chuck (Pushing Daisies) – Like I said, Bryan Fuller likes to give female characters male names. “Chuck” (short for Charlotte) was Ned’s childhood sweetheart whom he brought back to life using his magic touch. How can you not love a character named “Chuck Charles”?

What about you, fellow pop culture fans? Are you more of a Joey Potter fan? Who else did we neglect? Leave your thoughts in the comments, or tweet us @PopCultureNexus!

Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite TV Canines

Happy Top 5 Tuesday! This week we’re saluting man’s best friend with our top 5 dogs on television. And no, Lassie did not make the list, not because she didn’t do a great job getting Timmy out of the well all those times, but because she’s gotten plenty of attention over the years. We wanted to focus on some of the more under-appreciated dogs from our favorite shows. So here it goes…

1.) Backup (Veronica Mars) – A detective is only as good as her partner, and Backup was the best partner anyone could ask for. Veronica’s trusty pit bull was one of the most reliable figures in her life, and he helped her go up against biker gangs, drug dealers, and ex-boyfriends. No matter how dangerous the case, Veronica could handle anything as long as she had Backup.

2.) Vincent (Lost) – Vincent may have caused some trouble when he wandered off a few times while he was stuck on the Island with the Lost crew, but he had a way of always finding the loneliest person on the beach and letting them pet him until they started to feel better. Vincent was one of the first characters we met in the pilot episode of Lost, when he ran into Jack after he awoke in the jungle. And when *SPOILERS SPOILERS REALLY BIG IMPORTANT SPOILERS* Jack died after saving the Island in the final episode of Lost, Vincent was right there beside him. The people on Lost had a lot to deal with, and Vincent was always there for whoever needed him most.

3.) Digby (Pushing Daisies) – Poor Digby suffered a fatal car accident when his owner, the future pie maker Ned, was just a boy. Lucky for both of them, Ned was different from other boys, and he had the ability to bring dead things back to life just by touching them. Digby was the first creature Ned brought back to life, but it meant that Ned could never touch him again, or he would die again forever. Ned and Digby made it work though, substituting a long wooden backscratcher for hand-to-fur petting. And since he had already died, Digby was essentially immortal! Sadly, the power to bring things back to life with the touch of your hand does not extend to saving your own show from being canceled, so we’ll never know what other adventures Ned and Digby might have had.

4.) Paul Anka (Gilmore Girls) – Not everyone can fit in with the Gilmore Girls. You have to have a lightning-quick wit, an affinity for foods of both the exotic and junk variety, and you have to have a great sense of humor. I think Paul Anka (named after the Canadian singer/songwriter) somehow embodied all of these traits, and he turned out to be the perfect dog for Lorelai. Some might say he was too serious to be a member of the Gilmore family, but he did it with a wink and a smile. Or, at least I think he was winking underneath all that fur in his eyes.

5.) Rowdy (Scrubs) – I bet you didn’t expect there to be two dead dogs on this list! Unlike Digby, however, Rowdy didn’t have an owner with the power to resurrect dead things, so Rowdy was just stuffed and kept in Turk and J.D.’s apartment, much to the dismay of their girlfriends. But to his credit, Rowdy rarely barked, and he almost never stole food off the table. What a good dog.

Well, that’s it for this week’s Top 5 Tuesday. Tell us your favorite TV canines! Share them in the comments, or tweet us @PopCultureNexus.

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