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TV Twitter Reactions: Bones 7×01 “The Memories in the Shallow Grave”

Read what folks on Twitter are saying about the Season 7 premiere of Bones.

  • @liljamie500 I love the #bones premiere! Booth and Bones all the way!!
  • @Keala21 The season has begun! Awesome first episode keep up the good work!#Bones
  • @introvertwriter Holy cuteness, Hodgins and his son! I hope there’s more! #Bones
  • @_Megg_77 Watching the season premiere of #bones!!! Tonight couldnt get much better! :)
  • @juicyfizz Cam’s hair looks dumb. #bones
  • @ceciliaheston After not have watching #Bones for so long I forgot how much I love it.
  • @MJRojas28 I am totally loving the new opening credits!! #Bones
  • @ebonydemers Waited so long for the #bones season 7 premier tonight, and I was not disappointed!!! The beginning of a great season to come! Can’t wait!
  • @_Lancifer Oh man Sweets, YOU still have a lot to learn. #Bones
  • @CLB007 Hope that the rest of the Season is as fun, entertaining & interesting as the premiere of #Bones! Looking forward, please don’t disappoint!!
  • @MayBalatico Loving the new season of #BONES!!!
  • @ctetallo #bones is back… My life is happy again!
  • @valleria93 It so … different now. #BONES But I love it.
  • @NautieWon When #Bones began it was awesome, fresh, different, challenging to the mind,,,,but this Bones seems like a really grown up Bones
  • @scaackler I like hormonal #bones
  • @Starla126 This is the best episode of #Bones EVER!
  • @_Cassandra_K_ Oh this season of #Bones is gonna be great. I love being able to relate to Bones’ and her #pregnancy #fb
  • @WishfulMiss I couldnt love #Bones more if I won the Lotto :-)
  • @ceeray3 OK…Gotta say…Love how Booth dove for the neck! #BONES
  • @Mro_xx Bones and Booth are moving in together..!!YAY #Bones

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