Official Welcome to Pop Culture Nexus

Welcome Pop Culture Fanatics
We are two friends with an unhealthy passion for all things entertainment (television, film, and books). We grew up watching Nickelodeon shows (Anyone remember The Secret World of Alex Mack?) and dreaming of one day attending the Jedi Academy to be taught by Master Whedon (Yes, Joss Whedon must be a Jedi to be that AWESOME.)
While we do not work for a major Entertainment Company, we act as if this was our job. For the past two years, we have been active on Twitter meeting pop culture fans and discussing our favorite shows. Now we wish to enter the blogosphere.
We want to offer a site that serves as a one stop place for pop culture fans interested in reading entertainment reviews from bloggers across the ‘verse. Let Pop Culture Nexus be the hub for entertainment items recommended by fans like you.

Here is how it works:
After a television show premieres, Pop Culture Nexus will list links to blog sites that have written a review on that episode. Visit as many sites as you wish. Visit your favorites or discover a new blogger. Once you are done, vote for the review you liked best. Use the poll to recommend reviews or help you select a review to read. That’s it.

Let Pop Culture Nexus become your entertainment playground!

-Mary and Louise


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