Ringer Premiere Twitter Reactions

Reactions from the Twitter universe:

  • @joshua_ Overall 6.5/10. Definitely has potential, but poorly constructed pilot. It did get better toward the end, though.
  • @TalkingTV It’s a bit too predictable, the acting’s not that great, and I can’t imagine the storyline being sustained.
  • @xine23 I thought #Ringer was reallllly well thought out. I totally called the twin being alive. What a little bitch!
  • @anjulivelazquez I’m a little confused but intrigued as well. I think it’s gonna be a good show. I love SMG! 🙂 #Ringer
  • @noelrk #Ringer’s pilot is what happened when a bunch of production undergrads got together, decided to “homage” Hitchcock.
  • @TVMcGee Just showed my wife the #Ringer green screen debacle. She audibly gasped in shock.
  • @KaisonAmini Just watched the series premiere of #Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. I love me some SMG, but i’m not sold on the show just yet. :/
  • @AunteeL #Ringer was intriguing enough tonight to earn a 2nd episode from me. Lots of questions I’m willing to stick around to find out the answers.
  • @takotako577 Pilot for #Ringerwas pretty good. Should be more than enough plot twists to keep me interested.
  • @9_spuffyvmars_3 I am excited for the future of Ringer! twin alive reveal wasn’t drawn out and there’s a lot of plot available to work with.
  • @StrawberryToast LOVED LOVED #Ringer!!

Share your reactions to CW’s Ringer in the comments section.


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