Top 5 Tuesday: TV’s Best Brothers

The brothers Winchester, Salvatore, and the bros from 'Prison Break'

Welcome to the first edition of Top 5 Tuesday! Every Tuesday we’ll be posting a list of our top 5 [insert completely random topic here]! Remember, these lists are strictly based on our personal preference. We can’t guarantee that they’ll always be completely accurate, or in any way objective. Post a comment with your own top 5, or tweet us with a suggestion for next week’s list. Happy Tuesday!

This week it’s all about family. We’re counting up the top 5 sets of brothers on television (including some from shows that are no longer on the air). Here goes…

1.) The Winchester brothers from Supernatural – Nothing fosters brother bonding quite like hunting demons. And Sam and Dean Winchester do it with panache, not to mention a witty repartee that the Gilmore Girls would be proud of. Despite Dean’s insistence on “no chick flick moments,” the love and devotion between these two brothers is unquestionable. Just look at the lengths they’ve gone to to keep each other alive.

2.) The Salvatore brothers from The Vampire Diaries – “Troubled” is a good way to describe the history of the Salvatore brothers. They haven’t always been close, given their somewhat disparate views on life (i.e. the moral implications of killing people), although they do seem to have the same taste in women. Stefan and Damon have been working through their emotional baggage, and after over 150 years of coexistence, they still haven’t killed each other. So that’s something.

3.) The Voltaggio brothers from Top Chef – Bryan and Michael Voltaggio made season 6 one of the best seasons of Top Chef ever. Bryan, always calm and stoic in the face of the madness of Top Chef, was my favorite brother, although Michael, with his impassioned, volatile approach to cooking, probably had a higher entertainment value. Despite their intense sibling rivalry (in and out of the kitchen), at the end of the day they made each other better chefs. Bryan seemed genuinely happy for his brother when Michael took the title of Top Chef. I don’t think Michael would have taken second place quite so well.

4.) The Roman brothers from Brotherly Love – Joe, Matt, and Andy Roman were in a perpetual state of getting each other in, or keeping each other out of trouble. They had a great sitcom sibling dynamic, probably due to the fact that they were played by real-life brothers Joey, Matt, and Andy Lawrence. For me, the Lawrence brothers were a quintessential part of the 90s, and I’m still waiting for the day when the three of them reunite to do another show together. (Although, both Andy and Matt have had guest appearances on Joey’s new comedy Melissa & Joey.)

5.) Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows from Prison Break – Talk about brotherly love, Michael got his entire body tattooed and purposefully got sent to prison just so he could break his brother out of jail. I’m pretty sure that gets him off the hook for buying his brother Christmas and birthday presents for at least ten years.

*Honorable mention: The Donnelly brothers from The Black Donnellys – Sometimes the best way to help your brother is to get him thrown in jail, which is how Tommy Donnelly saved his brother Jimmy’s life, with the help of their other brothers, Kevin and Sean. The Donnelly brothers had their share of problems (gambling, drug addiction, compulsive cock-blocking), but they always had each other’s backs, even if it meant killing a mob boss. Sadly, this show got canceled before we got to see any kind of real ending for the Donnelly brothers (happy or otherwise), or even a group hug. If you haven’t seen the one and only season of this gritty family drama about the Donnellys’ exciting encounters with the Irish mob, I highly recommend you check it out. Then you can be as disgruntled as I am about it being canceled.

That’s it for our first Top 5 Tuesday! Don’t forget to tell us your top TV brothers, either in the comments or tweet us @PopCultureNexus.



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