NBC’s Up All Night Twitter Reactions

Check out the reactions from the Twitter universe:

  • @zsazsaZavia Considering the cast, I expected more laugh out loud moments. #UpAllNighthas a good premise but the pilot was bland 4.5/10
  • @sarrible I honestly can’t think of anyone I’d rather do karaoke with than Maya Rudolph. #upallnight
  • @jennahp #UpAllNight was like watching myself 4 years ago. Especially the bleeps. Pretty good show but not sure non-parents will appreciate it.
  • @SarahLovesTV #UpAllNight premiere tonight. Don’t forget to watch! It shows some potential…plus Maya Rudolph is awesome.
  • @dawnrichardson4 #upallnight is soo funny. A must see
  • @JoshDCarson Al right, #UpAllNightis trying to be 30 Rock meets Modern Family…but I’m going to allow it.
  • @brigidlovestv #UpAllNight got a solid B+ from me. I wasn’t hysterically laughing, but I immediately liked the characters. Got a season pass, though!
  • @angelsteph And #upallnight was okay but still pretty terrible
  • @YesImAwesome27 Saw the premier of #upallnightand thought it was hilarious! This show has some real potential!
  • @KitCouchPotato I started crying at the end…in a good way…#UpAllNight

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