Emmys 2011: Initial Reactions

Photograph: John Shearer/WireImage courtesy of Guardian.co.uk

  • That Mad Men bit in the opener was hilarious. John Slattery trying to “watch TV” on his telephone? Awesome.
  • The Night That Friday Night Lights Finally Got the Recognition It Deserved, Part I: The boys from FNL were represented in the opening musical number! And Michael B. Jordan was even shirtless! Nicely done, Emmys!
  • Dear Julie Bowen: You are fabulous. Please eat a cookie.
  • Julianna Margulies announced that she’s the funniest woman on television. “It’s true. Look it up,” she deadpanned. How wonderful is she? I’m so amazed by her, I don’t even care that her dress looked ridiculous.
  • “Welcome back to the Modern Family awards!” But seriously. They went four for four in the first part of the ceremony.
  • Jim Parsons from Big Bang Theory won again…Really? I mean, he’s good, but not back-to-back wins good. (Full disclosure: I don’t watch BBT, and I’m still bitter Community didn’t get nominated.)
  • Great idea having all the Comedy Lead Actress nominees come up on the stage together. It was like a comedy supernova! At first we all just thought Amy Poehler was being funny and weird getting up onstage.
  • And the Emmy goes to…Melissa McCarthy for Bridesmaids Mike & Molly! But really, that award was like 65% Bridesmaids, 25% Gilmore Girls, and 10% Mike & Molly. It’s a good thing we all love her or we would have been annoyed that she won. She gave an adorable and tearful acceptance speech though, and was appropriately humble.
  • I was dying during The Office mash-up segment. First Tom from Parks & Rec, then John Slattery! But the best was Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul delivering crystal meth to Creed. Can this please be an actual storyline on this season of The Office? Okay wait, I lied, the BEST best part was NATHAN FREAKING FILLION. Mariska Hargitay and Cee Lo’s The Voice-style swivel chair were pretty hilarious too. BRILLIANT.
  • As much as I wanted one of the men from The Good Wife to win Supporting Actor in a Drama so that I could either a) listen to Alan Cumming speak in his beautiful accent, or b) stare at Josh Charles’ beautiful face, I was pleased to see Peter Dinklage win for Game of Thrones because I think he really deserved it.
  • Jon Stewart and I were totally on the same page regarding co-presenters Sofia Vergara and Rob Lowe procreating. They look great together, and their children would be adorable.
  • The Night That Friday Night Lights Finally Got the Recognition It Deserved, Part II: FNL beat Mad Men in the Drama Writing category! WOOHOOOOOO!
  • The Night That Friday Night Lights Finally Got the Recognition It Deserved, Part III: In a spectacular upset, Kyle Chandler won for Lead Actor in a Drama series for his fantastic performance in the final season of FNL. The best part (aside from the whole thing) was that former FNL costar Minka Kelly presented the award to Chandler. (Cue weeping.) Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose! (Note: This almost makes up for the Emmys’ complete neglect of Fringe and Community. Almost.)
  • “Everyone is curious about why I am a lesbian. Ladies and gentlemen, the cast of Entourage.” -Jane Lynch
  • Time for the mini series category…also known as, the part of the Emmys where I wrote most of this blog post. I don’t usually care about the mini series portion of the awards at all, but if you put Matthew Macfadyen in any montage, it’ll get my attention. (His mini series Pillars of the Earth is officially in my Netflix queue.) Also, I was glad that Maggie Smith won for Downton Abbey, because she is Maggie Smith and she’s awesome.
  • Melissa McCarthy and Amy Poehler presented the Lead Actor in a Mini Series award together, which in itself was a stroke of genius. They made a great joke about men on TV finally breaking through the glass ceiling and getting to play such rich, multi-dimensional characters. Ha! Well said, ladies. Love it.
  • Mad Men and Modern Family won for Best Drama and Comedy series, respectively. Raise your had if you were surprised… That’s what I thought.
  • Someday, I will make my own TV awards show, and the winners for Best Drama and Comedy series will be Fringe and Community EVERY YEAR. FOREVER.
  • For a complete list of the Emmy winners, go here.
  • What did you think of this year’s Emmy winners and losers? How did you like Jane Lynch as the host? Leave your thoughts in the comments, or tweet us @PopCultureNexus!



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  1. I did not understand why Jane Lynch said that abt the cast of Entourage. What was the point… just to put men down? It seemed unnecessarily nasty.

    I was sorry Hugh Laurie did not win– again! What a great, great actor he is.

    • It was a joke 😉 She was saying that those four guys are so ugly she prefers women.

      An obvious joke, because anyone who thinks Adrian Grenier or J-Piv are ugly needs their eyes tested. And I say that as a straight guy.

  2. Ohmygosh, Fringe ABSOLUTELY deserves some kind of award–either the whole freakin’ fabulous show, or John Noble (Walter) in particular. Pretty much every time I watch him in a scene, I’m like, “Damn, he is soooo good!”

    You really should watch The Big Bang Theory. It’s brilliant and so, so funny and Jim Parsons makes the show. Of course, I don’t watch Community, so I’m a little biased 🙂

    P.S. I missed the Emmys, so enjoyed reading your recap/reactions!

  3. I agree completely with everything listed here, really. No surprise Mad Men and Modern Family won. I predicted most of the winners, and yawned–nothing very surprising about this year’s Emmys. I also saw Matthew Macfayden in the montage and was like, “Wait–what was he in? I have to see it!” Very pleased Downton Abbey cleaned up nicely, and very happy that Maggie Smith won, because, as you said, she is Maggie Smith. I thought Jane Lynch was decent, though she looked ridiculous is that first dress. (Speaking of dresses, Julianna Margulies’ dress did look just weird.) I also died laughing when Amy Poehler ran up to the stage, and then all the other women in the category followed. All in all, pretty good awards ceremony this year. 😀

  4. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose! I almost cried. Almost.

  5. Great recap! I was thinking the exact same thing. I loved Jane Lynch as the host, but I thought the opening song could have been funnier.

  6. What did you think of the Andy Samberg musical number?

  7. Love her! Going to check out the live show. Great post!

  8. I didn’t watch, but I am a huge Friday Night Lights fan and was so excited to her Kyle Chandler won. I’m going to have to YouTube that one, especially given the fact that Minka Kelly presented it to him. FNL is one of the most underrated shows out there for sure.

    I’m surprised to her Community didn’t get any nominations! I absolutely love Modern Family, though, so I can’t say I’m upset it won! 😉

  9. I didn’t get to watch the Emmy’s–so this is a great recap. I will say, though, as a fan of “The Big Bang Theory” I was thrilled that Jim Parsons won again. 🙂 The whole cast of TBBT is fabulous, but Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper just takes it to the next level.

  10. Congrats on Freshly Pressed!

    BennyBeagle, Webkinz Fan, Dog Lover
    http://numberonewebkinzmagazine.wordpress.com/ and pups4kids2.wordpress.com

  11. I thought Jane Lynch sucked as a host and I didn’t like the musicals either. (not a fan of Glee by the way). I thought Amy Poehlar just decided to go up there, it didn’t seem planned to me, that’s why I was laughing so hard—by far the best moment of the night though. I give this award show a B. Someone funnier next year, maybe Betty White!)

  12. Michael C. Hall was robbed. Either than that I totally agree with you. Jane Lynch’s intro for the Entourage cast was my favourite moment 🙂

  13. I agree fully with your sentiments on Fringe and Community. If you ever need a co-host for your awards ceremony for those two, look me up.

  14. Well, I watched my first Oscars Awards this year (or last year) and well that wasn’t too big for me. I didn’t watch the Emmys either, one third because I was working, one third because I didn’t want to, and one third because I didn’t know they were on, but.. I think that I would’ve watched it just for Jane Lynch. She’s pretty awesome. Plus, what’s better than the jokes you hear on these award shows?

  15. I’m really, really happy Peter Dinklage won. He so deserved it.

  16. Steve Carell really should have won. I honestly think he was better than Parsons. Poehler also should have won. Good post!

  17. I watched from beginning to end. Liked Jane Lynch but thought the direction and writing was a little choppy. I think Jane did well for what she had to work with. These shows work best when they have a commedian who is good at improve so that when the jokes fall flat or something happens, they can make something of the moment.

    Whoever said Julie Bowen needed to eat a cookie was right on. She needs to eat several bags of cookies. Her low-cut dress made her chest look skeletal and made the viewer feel overly concerned instead of happy for her.

  18. SO happy Friday Night Lights got the recognition it deserved. I don’t think Season 5 was its best but it’s a reflection of the series as a whole. My only gripe with the voting is that Steve Carell lost to Jim Parsons (again). That man turned Michael Scott into an icon, I don’t understand how he lost in his final year

  19. Peter Dinklage rules in pretty much everything he does. Jim Parsons carries Big Bang Theory. All of the cast members play off each other well, but without Jim Parsons I think the show would be only mediocre. He raises it to another level entirely.

  20. It was a very entertaining show and I enjoyed it very much. You did a great job with the run-down summary. Very great highlights!

    – lisaalinh.wordpress.com

  21. Nice post. I didn’t get to see the whole thing because I had to work, so this was great. I agree with you in regards to Community. Love that show. I would have loved to see Steve Carrell win, but I don’t think this season was very good for him. It’s gotten a little weak. Still, for the whole Michael Scott/Office body of work, I think he should have been recognized. I love Modern Family and Mad Men though, so overall I was pleased.


  22. Love her! Going to check out the live show. Great post!

  23. you did a great job on emphasizing all the details of the ceremony..
    i love the show and it has a lot of hilarious scene..
    congratz by the way 🙂

    you can visit my blog in aerah08.wordpress.com

  24. Actually, Jim Parsons IS “back to back wins” good. I’m thoroughly convinced that it takes talent to play Sheldon–his character on BBT. He didn’t win for nothing.

  25. Jane Lynch was hilarious! And I so agree with you on FNL.. it is one of my… if not the most favorite TV drama ever… perfect cast, perfect writing, I nearly cried when I heard it got cancelled! Kate Winslet was cringeworthy in her acceptance speech… great actress- cannot do an acceptance speech…lol.

  26. Great article, I like it.

  27. I was really happy for Melissa McCarthy. Nice to see her finally getting recognized for the comedy gem she is.

  28. realanonymousgirl2011

    Jane Lynch was awesome, she totally made the Emmy’s! And I’d have to agree with you on the Mad Men opening, Jim Parsons and Julie Bowen….hell, eat a box of cookies!!!

  29. i just watch the hiighlighhts. And for the record can’t stand Jane Lynch. I’d rather the case of Entourage, a well written well acted drama , over Glee any day. Dreadful show!

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