‘Glee’ Season Premiere: Will You Watch?

I remember watching the first season of Glee and thinking it was one of the most wonderful, original things I’d seen on television in a long time. And then something terrible happened: season two. I think most of us can agree that, aside from some high-points (a certain red-trimmed blazer-wearing Warbler comes to mind), Glee‘s second season was pretty much a train wreck. The show became more about auto-tuning and showy guest stars than about character development (in fact, they mostly just undid all the development from the first season), and the story lines were about as consistent as Katy Perry’s hair color. Glee reminds me of a little kid who gets a big wad of cash from his grandmother, and she says, “Don’t spend it all in one place!” But of course the little boy doesn’t listen, and he spends all his romantic pairings money in one season place, disappointing his loyal viewers grandmother and making her regret ever giving him the money in the first place. (Okay, that metaphor has some flaws, but you get the idea.)

For the third season, which debuts tonight, the showrunners have said they’ll be getting back to the heart of Glee, with more focus on the characters and less emphasis on artist-themed episodes and big name guest stars. Do you believe them? Are you (like me) bitter that they’re bringing in new characters (including a love interest for Mercedes, and characters for both the Glee Project winners) but cutting out the adorable trouty-mouthed Sam (Chord Overstreet)? Me, I’ll be watching this season for one reason. Okay, two reasons. The first is Klaine. Kurt and Blaine’s relationship was the only good thing about last season, and as long as Ryan Murphy doesn’t ruin them like he has all the other characters on the show, I’ll continue to watch. (Probably.) I have new hope for this coming season because of the additions they’ve made to the writing team, which include reason number two: former Buffy writer Marti Noxon. I’m hoping she can help get Glee back on track. What do you think they need to do to repair the damage from last season? And will you stick around long enough to see if it can be done?



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