TV Twitter Reactions: HIMYM 7×01 and 7×02

  • @StrawberryToast LOVED IT!! #HIMYM
  • @amysbp I loved tonight’s premiere. Such a great throwback to season one with the ending of the 2nd ep. I yelled OMG at the tv!
  • @HideTheRemote I liked it! In true #HIMYM fashion, they gave us a few clues and then rubbed it in our faces that we don’t know anything.
  • @rshrman07 never mind watched it and LOVED IT!!!! #HIMYM proved why its my favorite show of all time
  • @TMF42 #HIMYM getting better with every new season – and not just because one has to bow down to Beercules
  • @erkjonsson Can’t wait for next week. That was awesome. Victoria!!!! #himym
  • @TheColorMiles WOW #HIMYM full circle
  • @jamesrparham Best #HIMYM ever!!!! Loved it can’t wait to discuss what this episode means to the series!

Tell us your reactions to the Season 7 premiere.


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