TV Twitter Reactions: Modern Family premiere


Modern Family is back. See what folks on Twitter had to say about the season premiere.

  • @rural_juror I much prefer Lily Classic to New Lily. #modernfamily
  • @mrsmartin01 And #ModernFamilywas AWESOME.
  • @KimiSugiyama Loved #ModernFamily. It felt like welcoming old friends back into my home #cheesy
  • @Ashlandian Wow I didn’t realize how much I missed #modernfamily
  • @m_farrington #modernfamily is hilarious! My cheeks hurts!
  • @BeBeayy Watched a full hour of #modernfamilyfor the first time – I am hooked on this emmy award winning show #hilarious
  • @as_seenontv New Lily is really bugging me. #ModernFamily
  • @hEYitsMK Already in love with the new season of #ModernFamily
  • @caitlyn_c it’s going to take me a while to adjust to this strange new talking lily #modernfamily
  • @faerydust Saw #ModernFamilyfor the first time, so glad I did! Now I have a new show to watch. 🙂
  • @sareelify Not usually a fan of vacation episodes, but they weren’t gone too long. But, what about Dylan? #modernfamily

Share your reactions in the comments.


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