The Good Wife Is Back!

Photo: Jeffrey Neira/CBS

Last night, The Good Wife returned to our television sets for a great hour of scripted drama.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the newest character on The Good Wife: the elevator. Alicia emerges from the elevator with a new hairstyle and ready to conquer the world courtroom.
  • “We are running a clean office.” “Follow the law.” I guess catchy slogans stayed with Peter Florrick after the election. Not sure if I really believe him. I think what he is really trying to say is “Follow the law in court as long as Lockhart Garner loses.”
  • Sophia Russo. Could this girl be sitting in a more awkward position during a meeting?
  • Burr! Contact between Alicia and Kalinda is frigid. Let’s hope these gals find a way to work with each other amicably. I miss Besties Alicia and Kalinda.
  • Hello Will. And nice to see you again Mr. Elevator. Why the stern face, Will? Shouldn’t you be smiling and on the verge of breaking into dance a la Joseph Gordon Levitt in (500) Days of Summer?
  • I have no idea who this tutor is but I am intrigued. She carries a stereo in her handbag. I hope she returns.
  • More court scenes.
  • “Good timing” again.
  • Alicia goes for the Judge. And it backfires. Peter, you are really ruining any chance you may have to reconcile with Alicia.
  • Maybe I will like Sophia Russo. Seeing her and Kalinda take down the killer was very entertaining.
  • Will just called Kalinda, “K”! Will just gave Kalinda a nickname! Kalinda has a nickname! “K” (I have no idea why I am giggling like a two year who got a cookie out of the jar without asking.) For the record, if Kalinda did get a dog, it should be like Backup (Veronica Mars reference. If you don’t know it, watch the show. It will change your TV experience.)
  • Who is at the door?! It’s just like the Season1 finale of Veronica Mars.

Share your reactions watching The Good Wife season 3 premiere in the comments section.


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