TV Twitter Reactions: How I Met Your Mother “Ducky Tie”

Read what folks in the Twitterverse have to say about HIMYM’s “Ducky Tie.”

  • @joshua_ #HIMYM left me with chills. Solid episode with Lily’s famous “You son of a bitch!”. Tons of continuity that I enjoyed.
  • @ScottyWooo Best episode of How I Met Your Mother of the past four seasons. #HIMYM
  • @Kcorc Sheesh, How I Met Your Mother has some good storytelling going on. #HIMYM
  • @NashMendez #himym. I vote Robin off the island!
  • @ekovacs3 #himym I said a-bang, bang, bang-a-dy, bang…I said a bang, bang, bang-a-dy bang.
  • @punnyhabit Damnit Claus. #himym
  • @erinreina Ducky Tie was a really funny and serious episode! A must see! #HIMYM
  • @dianamoon WTH does that mean #HIMYM? The three of ’em?? >_>
  • @talentedwreason I can’t tell you how happy the return of the “Bang Bang Bangity Bang” song makes me. #HIMYM
  • @emsoo_ this new season of #HIMYM is actually REALLY good so far! Especially after the disappointment of the past two seasons!!
  • @ThomsonTan Well, I guess she’s outta the picture. #cupcakessoldout #bakeryisclosed#HIMYM

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