Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Workplace Romances on TV

Happy Top 5 Tuesday, everyone! Inspired by the fabulous premiere of The Good Wife, in which we saw the aftermath of Alicia and Will’s night together, this week we’re counting up our favorite workplace romances on television. Who says it’s not a good idea to date your coworkers? Okay, so a few of these relationships involved some complications, but most of them are living happily ever after. Click on the couple’s names to see a (probably cheesy) YouTube video featuring the pair.

1.) Carol Hathaway & Doug Ross (ER) – Theirs was a love for the ages. I mean, just look at the two stars: George Clooney and Julianna Margulies. They’re pretty epic by themselves, so when you put them together, it’s like a supernova of awesomeness. I know I squealed with joy when it was revealed (long after both stars left the show) that Carol and Doug were living happily in Seattle with their twin daughters.

2.) Jim & Pam* (The Office) – These two lovebirds started off as friends, but after a rocky journey, they’re finally married and expecting their second child. It just goes to show you that the couple that laughs together, stays together. Even when their wedding turned into a mild catastrophe/YouTube video parody, they were still able to appreciate the humor in it. *Full disclosure: This video may not be entirely Jam-centric.

3.) Peter & Olivia (Fringe) – While other workplace romances have to deal with problems like inter-office dating policies and office gossip, Peter and Olivia have had to face some bigger challenges in their relationship, like, for instance, evil doppelgängers, consciousness-invasion by Leonard Nimoy, and, as of right now, Peter’s lack of existence. Peter and Olivia are the definition of “star-crossed.”

4.) Leslie & Ben (Parks & Recreation) – Leslie and Ben were made for each other. They’re both huge dorks, and they both work for the Parks Department. When a guy gives you things like waffles, homemade soup, and L-shaped eclairs, how can you go wrong? The only thing that could have derailed their relationship was Leslie’s decision to run for city council. But I’m sure there’s plenty more adorableness in store for Leslie and Ben as Parks & Recreation continues to just get better and better.

5.) Hodgins & Angela (Bones) – He got her face tattooed on his bicep. You don’t get much more romantic than that. Granted, it was at the behest of Angela’s intimidating rock star father, but still, that takes some serious devotion. The love between these two almost makes up for all the mind games Bones has played with us regarding Booth and Bones’ relationship.

What are your Top 5 workplace romances? Leave a comment, or tweet us @PopCultureNexus!



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