TV Twitter Reactions: Ringer “If You Ever Want a French Lesson”

  • @Brood_Tweets_TV Dammit, #ringer, you got me! It wasn’t extra hair you gave SMG it was extra dress! Srsly, what’s up with the 500 yards of fabric?
  • @gloomyben #Ringer might be the best show #cw ever made!
  • @bjxmas Most intriguing thing about #Ringer is her relationship with hubby. I like him, I want him to be the good guy.
  • @heroine_tv Siobhan over-accessorizes. #Ringer
  • @Sarah_S88 Good show tho!! Keeps me on my feet. #Ringer
  • @ScarletRegina #Ringer improves with every episode but I still feel like there’s too much going on.
  • @CharmedShesSure #Ringer is a pretty good show. Why, oh why am I getting myself hooked?
  • @ProfFab When did Siobhan and Andrew visit Hogwarts? #Ringer
  • @analyticeye It is amazing how spectacularly bad #Ringer is. It’s like watching NYC-socialite Buffy with no attempt at characterization.
  • @cherilyn603 is so beyond scandalous.

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