TV Twitter Reactions: How I Met Your Mother “The Stinson Missile Crisis”

  • @LesTimon Another great #HIMYM always leaves a smile on my face 🙂
  • @joshgammon The award for best #HIMYM episode title? The Stinson Missle Crisis.
  • @kaitlynlikesTV I think I’m on #TeamNora. She brings out the best in Barney. Barney and Robin brought out the worst in each other. #HIMYM #YesItsThisSerious
  • @crackedmirror Tonight’s ep of #HIMYM was horrible.
  • @carlosev11 just watched the latest episode of #HIMYM it was hilarious! can’t wait to see the next one
  • @Tamphaam finished #himym , it wasn’t as good as the other episodes
  • @ecclefty21 After two strong run of Ted-heavy episodes, it was good to see a well-written Barney/Nora/Robin episode. And Sandy Rivers came back! #HIMYM
  • @madelinesaywhut AWWW BARNEY’S SO SWEET! #himym
  • @StealthGeek18 Go away, Nora. You’re ruining everything. #himym

Share your reactions to HIMYM 7×04 in the comments section.


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