TV Quotes: ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ ‘Community,’ ‘The League,’ & More

Here are some notable quotables from this week:

How I Met Your Mother 7×04 “The Stinson Missile Crisis”

Marshall: “Who says two bros can’t rock a birthing class?”

Gossip Girl 5×02 “Beauty and the Feast”

Chuck (to Dan): “That’s what you don’t understand. I feel nothing when I see her and Louis, or when I jump off a building, or when I crash a motorcycle…Even you don’t irritate me.”

Glee 3×03 “Asian F”

Coach Beiste (explaining her crutches): “I kicked a fire hydrant when I found out Ace of Cakes was cancelled.”

New Girl 1×03 “Wedding”

Schmidt: “We’re not trying to be mean. We just don’t want you to be yourself…in any way.”

Modern Family 3×04 “Door to Door”

Cam: “I’m gonna take Lilly to school, and then when I get home, I’m gonna scrub this place like a crime scene. Which it is, because you’ve murdered joy.”

Community 3×03 “Competitive Ecology”

Britta: “If loving worms is stupid, I don’t want to be smart.”

Parks & Recreation 4×03 “Born & Raised”

Chris: “I’m a speed reader… One time I read Siddhartha at a stop light.”

Ben: “You know, nerd culture is mainstream now, so when you use the term ‘nerd’ derogatorily, you’re the one out of the zeitgeist.”

Up All Night 1×04 “New Car”

Ava: “Now that sounds gravitasy.”

The League 3×01 “The Lockout”

Ruxin: “Pile into your clown car of lies, cause you are all going down.”


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