TV Twitter Reactions: How I Met Your Mother “You’re a Good Friend”

Read what folks are saying about HIMYM 7×04.

  • @Nelle_Macbeth The Ewok Line. LOVE IT! #himym
  • @Kshewey #HIMYM all is right again.
  • @JJTLv2 I ain’t diggin’ Robin and Kumar from White Castle #HIMYM #TeamRobinStinson
  • @lissybluebell Nora hates Ewoks?! Dump her, now! #HIMYM
  • @Lhriangel ❤ that Barney thinks not liking Ewoks is a deal breaker. ADORABLE! #HIMYM
  • @joliver OHHH.. I hope Kal Penn’s character on #HIMYM is reoccurring… FOREVER! I never thought I would like anybody for Robin after Barney 🙂
  • @stillsara I don’t understand Robin’s wardrobe this season. I don’t. #himym
  • @jaredjdionne Nora doesn’t like Ewoks?! Unacceptable. #HIMYM
  • @jaystancil Barney wasn’t wearing the Duck tie. HE BROKE THE PUNISHMENT FOR THE BET #HIMYM
  • @ScarlettOSahara The #HIMYM cast looks like hell this season. Someone should be fired.

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