TV Twitter Reactions: The Good Wife “Get a Room”

Once again, The Good Wife aired late on Sunday due to football. While many tweeted their frustration, others managed to watch the entire episode and tweet their reactions.

  • @Nicole80017 What a waste of a hotel. #Goodwife
  • @fictionalJEN #goodwife … Need more Will and Alicia … 🙂 … Great ep tonight though. Love it when Owen’s around.
  • @heroine_tv I love how Eli and Kalinda only met last week, but already Eli is like “I NEED KALINDA!” when he has a problem. He learns fast. #GoodWife
  • @reallysharrie Its about to get ugly on the #goodwife
  • @washingtonce I love Eli! Where do you live, fairyland? #GoodWife
  • @Tradledee85 That Diane/Eli scene was just priceless. #TheGoodWife #GoodWife
  • @Keisha_RD Cary and Kalinda over? Nooo! Why you gotta be so mean Cary? #thegoodwife
  • @SAmiLiebman #thegoodwife has too many storylines going on at once. Still love the show, though!
  • @lucysfootball Love Alicia & Owen’s relationship on #TheGoodWife. Well-written & realistic
  • @jmallo ALICIA, DON’T LIE!!!!!! YOU KNOW YOU LOVE WILL!!!!! #TheGoodWife #AliciaAndWillForever

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