TV Twitter Reactions: Ringer “A Whole New Kind of Bitch”

Read what folks are saying about Ringer 1×05

  • @alana_banana I will never get sick of #Ringer — Super twisted & super exciting!
  • @LuisArmandoR #Ringer was INCREDIBLE!
  • @The_Mist #OMG#RINGER was INSANE tonight!!! WOW. Awesome episode!!!
  • @teenhag They sure use a lot of Dutch angles on #Ringer.
  • @LH604ever Oh #Crap!!! #Gemma!!! #WTF?!?! #Ringer
  • @77HF I have to watch #Ringer at least 2 times per episode to even begin to understand it. It’s that epic. #CWrocks
  • @jeanettemshaw This was the first episode of #Ringer that actually engaged me enough to be excited for next week.
  • @dtissagirl Hahahahahaha this show is so ridic. #Ringer
  • @Jessyymb #Ringer was crazy good 2nite!
  • @hannahrodgers The dress looked expensive!!! #Ringer #CWrocks
  • @MyMBautista Whoa. #Ringer does the cliffhanger so good.
  • @melijoy Did NOT see that coming! #Ringer

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