TV Twitter Reactions: Modern Family “Hit and Run”


Read what folks are saying about Modern Family 3×05:

  • @MaxLHad Modern Family was fine. Cam needs to act human again.
  • @Talabama_ Help! He’s slipping out of his skinny jeans! #modernfamily
  • @nicolettevardon if you want to fly, I’m not gonna keep you on the ground, I’m gonna push you off the cliff… now fly (: #ModernFamily
  • @TCUwesrussell Phil and his powerful women #modernfamily
  • @MarysaMaier #ModernFamily gets me through Hump Day
  • @Ms_RNH LMAO… #ModernFamily was pure comedy tonight!!! Dr. Dad smacked the mess out of Luck!!!
  • @MaeBeef Insert my weekly I love Phil Dunphy tweet here. #ModernFamily
  • @colombia30737 Yay for #MODERNFAMILY tonight!!! #lovelovelove
  • @Velvet214 #ModernFamily never fails me… Frown to smile on any day!
  • @DJPrato #ModernFamily so consistently good it’s scary.

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