TV Twitter Reactions: HIMYM “Mystery vs. History”

Read what folks are tweeting about How I Met Your Mother’s latest episode.

  • @melgotserved Sometimes I think #HIMYM forgets the Robin timeline completely to make jokes. Butch Robin and teen idol Robin confuse me.
  • @roadtohell Anyone else think Janet is pulling a Lorenzo? #HIMYM
  • @MeetatMacLarens Who approved of Marshall’s Green Bay Packers joke? #himym #whatupseason7
  • @izaiasgarcia I think Robin should wear a wig on flashback sequences like Lily does on #HIMYM it just looks too weird
  • @lissybluebell Yeah, I don’t understand people who want to be “surprised” by their baby’s gender. #HIMYM
  • @mariaggonzalez Barney’s ducky tie is still funny to me! #HIMYM
  • @stephsiu The stubble’s gone 😦 #himym #ted
  • @ittkftt and ted at his worst on #HIMYM tonight. good ep otherwise though
  • @SkkyTweet Kevin is far too sane for this group. #HIMYM
  • @justinMbell So far this episode of #HIMYM is better then the 5 previous episodes of the season.
  • @c2avery Ted discussing fonts!!! Amazing. #HIMYM #design #typography

Share your reactions in the comments section.


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