Jason Dohring on ‘Ringer’: Let’s Discuss

'Veronica Mars' alum Jason Dohring's first appearance on The CW's 'Ringer'

Okay, CW. Let’s get some things straight. One, thank you so much for putting Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jason Dohring back on my television. Two, this does not make up for you cancelling Veronica Mars. I probably won’t ever forgive you for that, but it’s sweet that you keep trying to make up for it by finding new shows for the actors from the shows you’ve cancelled. You’ve also got Kristoffer Polaha from Life Unexpected on Ringer, which I greatly appreciate. And you found a promising new show for his LUX co-star Britt Robertson in The Secret Circle. So points for that. AND you’ve got Buffy‘s Amber Benson scheduled to be dropping by Ringer sometime soon as well. All in all, you and I are on good terms right now, and I want to make sure things stay that way. You’ve got Jason Dohring playing Siobhan/Bridget’s stepdaughter’s teacher, and so far that’s all well and good. Listen to me closely though: DO NOT create a romantic relationship between Juliet and Mr. Carpenter. I know how you love to include student-teacher romances in your shows–Life Unexpected, Gossip Girl, 90210 (I haven’t seen it, but I’m assuming)–but this one time, I’m begging you to resist that urge. It will make me physically ill to have to watch Jason Dohring fall into the clichéd overdone trope of the student-teacher romance. Please don’t do that to him. At the very least you owe him that.

So to sum up, thumbs up for casting all these amazing actors from Buffy and Veronica Mars, but thumbs way down if you’re thinking about making Jason Dohring into your next pedophile. I know it’s in your nature, CW, but you have to resist! Trust me, it’s for the best.

What about you, fellow fans? Are you with me on this? Or are you just so happy to see Jason that you don’t care what his character is doing?



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  1. Yeah if the CW goes the pedophile route I will be PISSED. I would prefer he just remain the cool teacher-type. Save pedophilia for Pretty Little Liars, k??

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