TV Twitter Reactions: Ringer “The Poor Kids Do It Everyday”

  • @katelinnea I try not to bring this stuff up much, but “It’s a little fabric-challenged” was a very Buffy-sounding line. #Ringer
  • @rezell89 The house on #Ringer looks like the house that was used in “Everybody Hate Chris.”
  • @TibiTaylor This show gets more puzzling by the wk.
  • @whitney3687 #Ringer was really good, as per usual. Bridget wasn’t kidding about getting rid of her old life. She left those prints on purpose. Damn.
  • @torraymondo #Ringer tonight!! Did Gemma die or not? We’ll find out!
  • @LoveTVMusicFilm Another Awesome Episode! There is no way to predict what will happen next! #Ringer
  • @alegb3108 This is getting realgood!
  • @CHANeBEAVE Loving #Ringer! Really wish they would deal with the pregnancy dumbness though…. #CW
  • @She_Weezy2012 Why do all the hot boys have something wrong with em #JustSayin #Ringer
  • @ansareb #Ringer was freaking awesome !! I cant wait till next week its going to be even better
  • @Kristana77 Good episode of #Ringer tonight! I do hope they start giving us some answers soon. So many ?’s

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