TV Twitter Reactions: Nikita 2×07 “Clawback”

Read what folks are saying about Friday’s episode of Nikita.

  • @SabbyNoCanDo and um @MaggieQ performed an Angelina Jolie calibre movie stunt on our little tv show. #nikita #mrandmrssmithe #angelinajolie
  • @LauinLA I think tonight’s #Nikita might be my favorite yet. Outstanding work.
  • @TheTVBitch I got 1000 bucks that Mr. Goodytwoshoes is the next to join #TeamBadass #Nikita
  • @lailanieg #Nikita was great tonight! I wish I could spot crazy patterns like Fletcher!
  • @ShyHustler loved tonight’s episode of #Nikita once again.
  • @heidie13 #Nikita episode was amazing tonight. Wow, I feel really bad for Alex
  • @hxnna well damn, amanda. #nikita
  • @FrancisCossette #Nikita was awesome! Again! @TheRealMsClarke was all kinds of wowza.
  • @kayfro Holy balls, I do not know what just happened with this show and I’ve watched this clip 3 times now. #Nikita #ShitGotReal
  • @yortalnahtanoj Learning how to swear in Russian by watching #Nikita.
  • @CandyMaize Tonight’s #Nikita was great. Loved the twists. Also loved that there was more Alberta Watson in this episode. 🙂
  • @yolanda_fields Once again tonight’s #Nikita episode was amazing. So many unexpected storylines. Blew me away. 🙂
  • @kendralynneee #Nikita was awesome tonight.
  • @DannyDegagne I kept screaming at the TV today while watching #Nikita, and then I started flipping out from the twist. I get so into it.
  • @lisapease Nice. #Nikita always feels ripped from just beneath the headlines. Smartest spy show yet.
  • @karahowlandTV Tonight’s episode of #Nikita is the best episode they’ve EVER done. I only wish Percy had been in it too.
  • @musiczangel Looks like Michael wants to see his son and what’s Cassandra gonna be like? Oi. Interesting. #Nikita is hitting breaking point
  • @lorien_v Division vs. Oversight. A kickass episode! #NikitaF
  • @KarlieMildraed #Nikita was all over the place this evening. Classic
  • @mzRockinB HOLY COW!! #Nikita Did not see that coming!!!!
  • @chamak_chalo He’s alive!!! #nikita thank God
  • @sylviajiangmusi The Nikita Ep. today cannot be described by any word except for WOW! #Nikita

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