TV Twitter Reactions: Parks and Recreation 4×07 “The Treaty”

Image: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

Read what folks are saying on Twitter about Thursday’s episodes of Parks and Recreation.

  • @rach_tiz Loved @RobLowetonight on #ParksandRec! “Sarcasm again? You’re a delight!”
  • @jflotv Andy-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! #parksandrec
  • @trnstmrrs Am I the only one who’s noticed Parks and Rec is the only show that’s still killing it on a weekly basis?
  • @corinnethenerd I know this is late but #ParksandRec was basically as perfect as TV comes tonight.
  • @pruey_m “Jogging is the worst. I mean I know it keeps you healthy but god, at what cost?” #ParksandRec – this is my philosophy on jogging also.
  • @HarryShuldman I developed a sudden unexplained hatred for every character on #ParksAndRec this season, but all of a sudden tonight I liked them all again.
  • @Staciellyn That #ParksandRec episode was sheer genius…and I didn’t think anything could beat Zorp melting my face off….
  • @rrrchica80 Adam Scott is ruling this episode of #ParksAndRec
  • @Edmndo Another strong #ParksandRec tonight! Way too much awesomeness.
  • @joylian Hurry up and have Ben and Leslie get back together so I can sleep at night, please. #ParksandRec #butheybelongtogether
  • @MattIsland When Leslie gives monologues at the end of #parksandrec I want to cry
  • @MagicBulletGirl Ben takes sadness baths? We have so much in common. #ParksandRec
  • #ParksandRec continues to be Adorable, with a capital A. I’m not sure when a sitcom last delighted me so consistently #VoteforLeslie
  • @jasonrector I did Model UN in high school. Sadly we did not have Leslie Knope running it. #ParksandRec

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