TV Twitter Reactions: Nikita 2×08 “London Calling”

Read what folks are saying about Friday’s episode of Nikita.

  • @valerylr Oh no! You’ve got to be kidding me with that ending #Nikita :/
  • @cinnamonbot omg alex don’t fall for his clumsy seduction!! #nikita
  • @VMonillessa #Nikita she badass damnnnnn
  • @cherollie when u think they are on ur side … bam they turn out to be the bad guy T_T;; #nikita
  • @ThePositiveSide Everyone is hiding something. #Nikita
  • @CW_post_early Cas is also undercover? Oh this show. No one is ever what they seem. #Nikita
  • @IcyJadeXOXO Watching #Nikita…holy mother of Jackie Chan that fight scene was awesome!
  • @heroine_tv I don’t know … I might stop watching #Nikita. It’s just not pulling me in this season.
  • @michelle_lam17 i might cry…wow #Nikita wow
  • @briannaluv_ me is unbelievable. I can honestly say this is the only show that nearly kills me each episode. #Nikita
  • @Lulumua9 #Nikita was Amazing tonight!! My girl @MaggieQ gave them the moves with a ceiling walk!! This girl is unreal!! 🙂 #bestshowever
  • @mschloeannesu Today’s episode of #Nikita just broke my heart.
  • @PraiseSoo #Nikita was AWESOME!!!
  • @Alexis_SJ #Nikita – That fight scene !! Michael is a total Badass : )
  • @janaepatel this episode of #Nikita was very sad. 😦 did anyone else cry?
  • @prekingmathers i didnt like this week’s episode. also the stunts were bad. but that Alex kissing Sean’s hand scene was great. Lol. #Nikita
  • @jstew90 Just got so upset. #Nikita
  • @Forever16_ I did NOT like that ending! #Nikita
  • @MariStroud As per usual, Maggie Q and Shane West are knocking it out of the park. #nikita

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  1. Wasn’t my favorite ep but did anyone else feel a little irritated that Michael was mad at Nikita for not telling him about Max but didn’t show any anger towards Cassandra

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