TV Twitter Reactions: How I Met Your Mother 7×10 “Tick Tick Tick”

Read what fans on Twitter are saying about Monday’s episode of How I Met Your Mother.

  • @sheri2271 #HIMYM was sad. I like to laugh not cry. Thanks guys now I need A sandwich. Lol
  • @gmmrtv How many slaps does Marshall have left?! I need to borrow one for the writer of tonight’s ep of #HIMYM. You’re killing me. #violoenceisbad
  • @jbreach That was probably the hardest scene in the entire #HIMYM series, rivaled only by when Robin found out Ted & Victoria hadn’t broke up…ouch
  • @sammyromie I don’t think I’ve ever been more sorry for Barney than now. I actually cried, which has never happened to me while watching #HIMYM before.
  • @crazykg13 #HIMYM broke my heart tonight. </3
  • @ambermrdetty That was low down and dirty. :’-( #HIMYM
  • @NerdybutBrandon Poor Barney. #himym that was so depressing.
  • @lindork I knew Robin was the least likeable #HIMYM character. SINCE SEASON 1.
  • @EndlessMIke03 Good episode of #HIMYM tonight. It made my emotional bone go emotional mode. Setting an end date is ALWAYS a good idea, signed #LOST.
  • @nazimcihan last episode of #HIMYM proved it “love hurts”!
  • @The_Nirminator #HIMYM highlight of ever Monday, even when the episode leaves me in saying wow for 30 mins..
  • @RyanVallyD #HIMYM Wowzers. *man-tear*
  • @purdygirl75 poor barney 😦 why can’t him and robin just be happy forever together #hopelessromantic #HIMYM
  • @adamkmiec Wow. Perhaps the best #HIMYM I’ve ever seen.
  • @trevorwallison Just watched #HIMYM. Wow. It’s been awhile since its made me feel like that.
  • @jacoulter I hate Robin!!!!!!! #HIMYM
  • @CaesarMcMagic Awesome episode of How I Met Your Mother tonight, really packed a punch. #HIMYM
  • @kai_gray I don’t remember the last time #HIMYM made my soul cry. Such a great episode with just a perfect ending.
  • @GasolineDreams Sandwiches are back! #himym

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  1. Love “How I Met Your Mother,” thanks for sharing my reaction!

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