TV Twitter Reactions: Glee 3×06 “Mash-Off”

Read what folks are saying about Tuesday’s episode of Glee.

  • @lecksaa Poor Santana
  • @heysuburban The #Glee train seems to be leaving the station, I think. This season is heinous…
  • @itsdeanbitch I think tonight’s #glee may have been one of the best.
  • @LisaSpadafora #Glee soooo good!!!
  • @lgsalicious I love when there’s a good hard slap in my favorite shows! #glee
  • @JNanni70 #glee it was awesome as usual! Sorry to see Santana fall so hard, but KARMA is a bee-yatch!
  • @JennToth18 #glee #Adele great night 🙂
  • @shawnieisloveee i loved the adele mash up on #glee tonight.
  • @DrockGeeb #Glee damn santana is stealing the spotlight this season. Into it
  • @TVD_tlady_Gleek first episode of #glee this season where i approve of ALL the song choices
  • @Main_aTRACKtion I swear that Glee has just turned into one big soap opera. I don’t know how it can even be considered a comedy anymore. #Glee
  • @rdenman95 Might be losing interest in #Glee… Not as clever as it used to be.
  • @heathermosherr Literally have never been able to stand santana’s character on #glee
  • @Nicole_OCTV Oh, jesus. Please, please someone offer Jane Lynch a better job than #Glee. It’s just depressing at this point.
  • @wvCait08 I’m tired of Rachel but she needs to stop letting Shelby into her life #glee
  • @Ambersito Most intense #Glee yet!

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