TV Twitter Reactions: Ringer 1×09 “Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna”

Photo by Art Streiber 2011

Read what folks are saying about Tuesday’s episode of Ringer.

  • @Leapbaby29 OMG! Less than 10 minutes into #RINGER and I’m already wtf’ing?!
  • @powellburke The apartment on #Ringer is totally Carrie Bradshaw’s old place, yeah?
  • @Lilcorey1986 OMG #Ringer was AWESOME!! If u haven’t watched it it is a must see!!! It’s on every Tuesday on the CW!!!!
  • @jillbillpill Ugh! #Ringer was so fantastic tonight. The character choices all made sense! Fast paced! Great acting! More, Please!
  • @Santi_M OMFG Gemma sigue vivaaaaa! I knew it! #ringer #spoiler
  • @KerriKurasz Ok so I adored the #NCIS episode tonite but #ringer totally killed it. If ur not watching u should. Amazing show.
  • @paulmgrimes AAAHHHH!!!! #Ringer was soo friggin amazing tonite!!! It should prob never end. Kthnxbye.
  • @diamondsandice1 #Ringer was awesome tonight! I’m so not ready for it to already be time for the mid-season break.
  • @AliGraysAnatomy The British lady in #Ringer creeps me out for some reason.
  • @ErinElizaS Watched #Ringer and, as always, felt uneasy as it ends. Good show but kills my overly empathetic nerves!
  • @Lissa023 Getting good. I really like this show. #ringer
  • @0801352 #Ringer would work more as a movie, because even in episode two theres a lot of padding
  • @TVOnMyTerms What is Omarosa doing as “Siobhan’s” shrink? #Ringer
  • @KyllianF Ugh! I wanted him to find Gemma! I’m so glad that she’s still alive. #Ringer
  • @heroine_tv The flashback that just happened on #Ringer should have taken place in episode 2.
  • @angelgirlBSB I get so confused, yet watch it every week #ringer
  • @PamelaWBrooks #Glee and #Ringer = Terrific Tuesday!
  • @danielletbd Yeah, #Ringer and I are officially done. I don’t like being lied to.

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