TV Twitter Reactions: Modern Family 3×09 “After the Fire”

Read what folks are saying about Wednesday’s episode of Modern Family.

  • @Sifichick OMG LMAO Sleep clown! #modernfamily
  • @ajkarim Phil massaging Jay – priceless #ModernFamily
  • @LoloMac_ Once again #modernfamily does not disappoint
  • @hilswan Just laughed nearly to the point of hyperventilation at #modernfamily
  • @Rubi_Power #modernfamily highlight of my week
  • @Meggss17 this week is finally looking up #laughing #modernfamily 🙂
  • @dramakim OMG, Phil Dunphy. That is all. #modernfamily
  • @MA_Deuce #ModernFamily is such a hilarious tv show…helps me get a small break from the everyday ups and downs of life! We all need that!
  • @DSamp08 #modernfamily Is soo funny haha
  • @StephB293 #ModernFamily was hilarious tonight! “I sleep clown.”
  • @SpuffyCullen Phil Dunphy so would get an alpaca. And that’s why I love him. #ModernFamily
  • @joshuahoggard The new episode of Modern Family is genius. #modernfamily
  • @DufinsLand #ModernFamily is the best show on television.
  • @mmnikhil lmfao #modernfamily was really good tonight.
  • @SamiShenanigans #ModernFamily.. My favorite part of the week. They should really make it longer than 30 minutes

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