TV Twitter Reactions: New Girl 1×07 “Bells”

Read what folks are saying about Tuesday’s episode of New Girl.

  • @singinchelle I absolutely love #newgirl
  • @JMOlitzky According to #newgirl, playing handbells is a mitzvah. Turns out this is my new favorite show.
  • @sidecar Okay, so now Jess Day is a music teacher, and that seals the deal that she and I are the same person. #newgirl #somuchlove
  • @MatthewSchubert Watching #newgirl too funny
  • @jonlatessa Yesss! #scrummy made it to #newgirl
  • @StevendosSantos Yuck! #NewGirl was terrible tonight!
  • @burbunny Schmidt is quite possibly one of the best characters on television … ever. So many amazing one liners. “It’s scrummie!” #NewGirl
  • @jbgirlswagger #NewGirl is not a funny show, its something you watch when your bored.
  • @LOU_WEEZEE #newgirl was so funny tonight 🙂
  • @mattarena88 Oh dear god, Schmidt just said turlet. This show is after my heart #newgirl
  • @TwistOfJNH Lmao! I love how they are playing “Eye Of The Tiger”. I never get sick of that song. #NewGirl
  • @ha_alroumi schmit and nick fight .. EPIC #newgirl

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