TV Twitter Reactions: Raising Hope 2×08 “Bro-gurt”

Reactions from Tuesday’s episode of Raising Hope.

  • @Asta77 Hee! Hope is wearing sparkly red Mary Janes! Apparently I know my toddler fashion! 😉 #RaisingHope
  • @janadoran #raisinghope is on! Yeah!
  • @Msmithme #raisinghope that’s the funniest tv show ever! Lmfao
  • @aramsey44 “besides hope only likes movies w/ singing and dancing and monkeys in it…” funny that’s my criteria for movie watching, too! #raisinghope
  • @warforge2004 I loved every mintue of tonight’s #RaisingHope but then again I love them all.
  • @memmerkins Haha #raisinghope was like wizard of oz…
  • @ThisJessicaRae #RaisingHope continues to be pretty genius even when it gets more corny than usual like it did tonight.
  • @DanaCJones #raisinghope is hilarious and genius
  • @calistamercedes oh #raisinghope, how clever you are with your #WizardofOz references – favourite part, definitely the grandma with the melting ice cream lol
  • @analiese _ Oh my gosh! #raisinghope meets wizard of oz. so funny!

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