TV Twitter Reactions: Ringer 1×09 “That’s What You Get for Trying to Kill Me”

Photo by Art Streiber 2011

Ringer Tweets from Tuesday’s mid-season finale.

  • @duhbunnywabbits #Ringer is the best guilty pleasure TV show out here..
  • @MegMasters You were so good tonight, #Ringer.
  • @serrggiioo #RINGER #SMG OMFG EPIC!
  • @camiyak Omg I’m peeing that scene was so horribly done. #ringer #MIRRORTOTHEFACE
  • @SwewRat Wow!!! So freakin good!!!! #ringer
  • @theonetruebix Did she just hit herself on the right to produce a bruise on the left? Or did I blink? #Ringer
  • @heroine_tv Ooooh, Siobhan! You *would* do that! This show should be all Siobhan all the time. #Ringer
  • @cherilyn603 I can’t wait for #Ringer to come back in January!!
  • @craig_mcfarlane Remember when Gemma was dead and Malcolm was in a cage at a strip club? Way better. #Ringer
  • @ClanPicciniWA I totally thought I’d not like this show when it first came on… it’s really hooked me! #ringer
  • @lilypads Ohh #Ringer you are so great.
  • @untitle Watching #Ringer I love this Show.
  • @nickjohnson1007 I so wanna know who Bridget punches in the promo for the next episode #SarahMichelleGellar is doing a brilliant job in #Ringer 🙂
  • @RogueHunter65 looks like the twists on #Ringer just got more complicated by the mid season finale O.o well this will be one fun ride when we see the eps

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