TV Twitter Reactions: Nikita 2×10 “Guardians”

Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Read what folks are saying on Twitter about Nikita‘s midseason finale.

  • @NatRBrown Apparently, someone failed to inform the writers if #Nikita that HEAD WOUNDS BLEED…A LOT.
  • @heathercarraway #Nikita was awesome!
  • @nicoleycanoley i have to wait till January sixth to see what happens? I’m liking Owen better than Michael right now and that’s saying something. #nikita
  • @LadiesKnM #Nikita was a bad show tonight… it really was. The only saving grace was the way Michael came in …
  • @minaminokyoko For a mid-season finale, it was pretty tame. Not bad by any stretch, either. Just…sorta tame. #Nikita
  • @DSerrano92 That shit was mindblowing, I was soooo not expecting that. #Nikita
  • @Forever16_ OMG that was an INSANE episode of #Nikita! How long am I gonna have to wait to see the next one?? I want it NOW! #nopatience
  • @TVfreak56 what a bad cliffhanger! #Nikita
  • @ElaBearr Oh jeeze #Nikita .. I liked season one so much better but I love this show.
  • @rhealy11 So like…was this episode Lyndsy Fonseca’s audition tape for #TheHungerGames? Honestly. She IS Katniss.#Nikita
  • @boobaby1219 Michael!! The amount of joy I felt when I saw him come to the rescue is unbelievable #Nikita
  • @ShiviSilva Okay, that scene where Micheal just swoops in with his car like that was awesome! #Nikita
  • @closetTVjunkie Quite the dilemma: to keep watching #Nikita or not? S2 has gotten so confusing. And I hate Alex and Nikita apart.
  • @lightupthesky15 I was totally expecting Alex’s Dad to be alive, i guess i was kinda close #Nikita #Epicness
  • @TaleahP #nikita was soooooooooooooo on tonight..especilly when Michael came in guns blazing
  • @tvgoodness #Nikita: Love that Nikita has been losing her cool lately. She’s not perfect.
  • @lorien_v Awesome cliffhanger on #Nikita finale.

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