Quotes of the Week: ‘Raising Hope,’ ‘Community,’ & More

Tom stands behind Leslie in "The Trial of Leslie Knope," Troy tries to keep it together on 'Community,' and Maw Maw brainstorms invention ideas on 'Raising Hope'

Here’s the rundown of this week’s most amusing (to me) quotes from the best (read: my favorite) shows…

House 8×08 “Perils of Paranoia”

Adams: “Am I weird?”
Chase: “Yeah, but you’re hot so it’s easier to put up with.”

Gossip Girl 5×09 “Rhodes to Perdition”

“Maybe he Freaky Friday with Mr. Chuck. They struck by lightning at same time, or pee in same fountain.” -Dorota, on Louis’ sudden likeness to Chuck

Glee 3×07 “I Kissed a Girl”

“Slushies are not on the school board’s approved list of suspend-worthy weapons.” -Principal Figgins

New Girl 1×07 “Bells”

“I’m losing my mind, guys. I sometimes touch the frayed part of the power cord just to feel something.” -Winston

Raising Hope 2×08 “Bro-gurt”

“What about a TV channel just for news? Wait… They’ll have to fill up too many hours and resort to sensationalizing non-issues and stirring up partisan bickering. Scratch that idea. It sucks.” -Maw Maw, thinking of ideas for the invention competition

Community 3×09 “Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism”

“Annie, do you know how many sitcoms have done the secretly-replace-a-priceless-item thing? Because Abed does. Abed knows everything.” -Troy

Parks & Recreation 4×09 “The Trial of Leslie Knope”

“Bribing someone to hide a sexcapade? I’m proud to call you a friend.” -Tom, after Leslie’s ethics trial

Nikita 2×10 “Guardians”

“Where’s your scruffier half?” -Owen, referring to Michael

What other quotes did you guys love from this week? We want to know! Leave them in the comments, or tweet us @PopCultureNexus!


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