TV Twitter Reactions: New Girl 1×08 “Bad in Bed”

Read what folks are saying about Tuesday’s episode of New Girl.

  • @rokclimbr The Jimmy Stewart impression on #NewGirl was hilarious!!! Almost peed my pants
  • @AisjahBRi Yikes. This #NewGirl episode is hilarious!
  • @I_heart_Audrey oh my lord, #newgirl is cracking me up tonight!
  • @themistermartin episode 8 of #newgirl was jsut soooo awkward. i dont know if it was funny or not ://
  • @NicoleMarie4404 That was the most horribly uncomfortable attempted sex scene I have ever seen … So bad, dude. So bad #NewGirl
  • @fallingswiftly Omg nick better not cut his adorable hair!!! #newgirl
  • @KiannaMartinez #NewGirl is seriously my favorite show!
  • @MrsEvans007 I’m pretty sure that “The New Girl” is one of the funniest shows on TV!
  • @Nathanielbelnap #newgirl just made every movie jimmy stewart was ever in super awkward. Never watching its a wonderful life the same way again.
  • @allanhiga Schmidt is so funny! #newgirl
  • @KerryAnn22 Omg #newgirl is hilarious! Hahaha so awkward!
  • @LiaZav #newgirl and @ZooeyDeschanel never let me down. Hilarious as always.
  • @CaitlinMiles1 Jess is the most awkward human being ever and I love it #newgirl
  • @MichaelleInzunza #NewGirl tonight was hilarious!
  • @alexiamcsexia2 I want nick and Jess to be in love so bad #newgirl
  • @JenArnold72 Tonight’s episode of #NewGirl was the best ever!! So fricken hilarious!!!

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