Celebrating Christmas Watching Firefly

Read what folks tweeted as they watched the Firefly marathon on the Science Channel:
  • @Chicagojewlz What was the best gift? @ScienceChannel #Firefly marathon!! Thank you for saving me from the 100th viewing of Muppet Christmas Carol!
  • @mcookies_actual Still, after all this time, I get a chill down my spine when I hear the theme to Serenity. Science Channel is showing #Firefly all day!
  • @TimClarkeJr Bless you, @ScienceChannel, for bringing us a very geeky brand of holiday cheer, with your Firefly marathon today. Xmas needs more Jayne.
  • @dannysgirlsg1 Also, very happy Santa gave us a Firefly marathon on tv today.
  • @Ana_C_Aguirre Watching firefly marathon. Wow haven’t seen this in forever!
  • @esintastic nothing tops off xmas like a #firefly marathon. food coma commence…
  • @zayneluv #Firefly marathon! I’m gonna be up all night again.
  • @kiddieriot Viendo maratón de Firefly =D
  • @PikaPikaChick A little Christmas Firefly. Aww yeah.
  • @MatthewWirt Merry Goram Christmas, indeed! Firefly marathon all day/night on the Science Channel. (Jubal Early deserved another episode.)
  • @jjqt13 Firefly marathon. Awesome! !!!
  • @SassyDork #Firefly Christmas day marathon on the science channel. Heaven.#scifinerd #dontjudgeme
  • @amedawg18 Thank you, @ScienceChannel (& #Joss), for this delightful #FireflyChristmas.
  • @rebeccaloebe I know the holidays shouldn’t be about TV…but I feel like the Fireflymarathon on the scifi channel was a gift to me from the universe 🙂
  • @VinnieD Firefly marathon on the science channel! I went from the Doctor Who Christmas special to a Firefly marathon. This MUST be Christmas!
  • @t3andcrumpets It’s been a quiet day full of #Firefly and #DoctorWho for we are a family full of geeks. Dad has quoted Jayne many times today. LOL
  • @streamweaver Spent the day relaxing, having habachi and watching the #fireflymarathon on Science Channel.
  • @jeffsetter #Firefly marathon on SCI? Now I gotta stay up all night!
  • @CarmelaScalzo Doctor Who marathon followed by Firefly marathon! Hoorah!
  • @AndJadeSays Firefly marathon on SyFy makes me full of sad because seriously why the hell did this show get cancelled!?
  • @kurtzy317 Firefly marathon is pretty awesome.
  • @kaooavspa Firefly marathon for christmas! thanks science channel. my whole familt has already seen every episode 3 times but WE LOVE SCI FI SO MUCH!

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