TV Twitter Reactions: Work It 1×01 “Pilot” MCCANDLESS

Read the tweets following the premiere of ABC’s new show, Work It.

  • @placebohigh Did a 12-year-old boy write the script to #WorkIt ?
  • @JennaTheWriter Didn’t watch #workit but I find myself wondering how the show’s concept would even last more than half a season. #cougartown
  • @TVDoneWright “Thank you ABC for #WorkIt . What a hilarious show” – No one
  • @mlindstrom Don’t do what I did. This is the worst show ever. #WorkIt
  • @SarahDeneen Watching #workit pretty good show so far!
  • @atKAAT Surprisingly fascinated with #WorkIt, the new @abc show!
  • @Crystal_Harnett #WorkIt was hilarious! ABC should keep it!!
  • @IvoEmpire #WorkIt should be called Cancel It. You know, because it’s stupid…
  • @only1cass Really enjoyed #workit tonight! It’s an updated version of bosom buddies starting Tom hanks.
  • @Hellovision Oh and yeah, I’m done with that hunk of garbage. #WorkIt
  • @gwudg98 Watched #WorkIt for the train wreck factor. Amazingly, it’s worse than the critics said.
  • @BruceCunningjam #WorkIt is the most well written American sitcom since#GrowingPains.
  • @JeromeWetzelTV #WorkIt was every bit as bad as one expected
  • @BadBlondeGirl ok no, #workit is not going to work on #ABC
  • @videogum This episode of Work It brought to you by Crystal Light. Not a joke.#workit #so80s
  • @adanzis Tonight, ABC will air #WorkIt, one of the worst reviewed shows in years. Meanwhile, where is #CougarTown on the schedule?!
  • @ChrisHeaslip77 love the new show#workit. Freakin’ hilarious. Can’t wait for episode 2.
  • @iheartjace I actually like the show #WorkIt .
  • @michael_seth I wonder if the Mayan calendar mentions #WorkIt by name.
  • @PaulaC222 #WorkIt appeared 2nite. Hey #ABC been there done that better remember Tom Hanks?

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