TV Twitter Reactions: Nikita 2×11 “Pale Fire”

Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW Network 2011

Nikita returned on Friday. Read what folks had to say about the new episode.

  • @DreambigBeauty Damn #Nikita is kicking butt
  • @StarkandSnow I love when #Nikita and Alex work together.
  • @calstarose I AM SO TENSE! This show is just unrelentingly awesome! #Nikita
  • @minaminokyoko Alex is useless. There, I said it. COME AT ME, BRO. #Nikita
  • @KatawnaLe #NIKITA This is the best episode ever!!
  • @msgatthebeep I love that Michael & Alex’s awesomeness doesn’t make it any less Nikita’s show. She’s a kick-ass hero. Best on tv, man or woman!#nikita
  • @aWESomeB3 That had to be the MOST EPIC scene I have seen on tv since the days of 24. @MaggieQ and @LyndsyMFonseca are the best team EVER! #Nikita
  • @i_Velas89 Really enjoyed this ep of #Nikita. Loved that she @MaggieQ and Alex@LyndsyMFonseca were finally working together! 😀
  • @ChosenOne91 I can’t believe #Nikita is over already! That was a sweet heart to heart between Nikita and Alex!
  • @Michaela_Twyman Tonight’s episode of #NIKITA is officially my favourite yet! Alex ftw!
  • @Biancarod Ugh #Nikita always confuses the hell out of me
  • @JessTrstenjak That was a pretty awesome episode of #Nikita! Yay for Alex and Nikita being partners again!
  • @vitaluv0505 HEARTBREAKING is the word for #NIKITA. Poor Alex. Kid can’t catch a break, but the old team is back so next week is gonna be B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
  • @Deanay4Mike Best episode of the season. #Nikita and Alex together again. Already cant wait for next week. The hour went too fast.
  • @bleakey14 that part where Nikita and Alex killed off all those guys was crazy, i love when they double team #Nikita
  • @Brandonxx93 Next weeks episode looks amazing! The old team is back!! #Nikita 😀
  • @SandraBQ908 #Nikita is such a bad ass.

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