TV Twitter Reactions: The Good Wife 3×12 “Alienation of Affection”

Read what folks on Twitter said about The Good Wife‘s return.

  • @thelaststop1983 Great episode. I almost want to say it was the best one this season.#TheGoodWife
  • @buckeyekt Oh #TheGoodWife you are so good!
  • @so_precious #TheGoodWife has come back strong! Drama, plot progression, Elsbeth and that last scene with Eli, David and Diane. Altogether great episode!
  • @Kiki1788 I have always loved Elsbeth!!! So happy she is back! @Carrie_Preston #TheGoodWife @GoodWifeWriters
  • @witty_comeback I have always loved Elsbeth!!! So happy she is back!@Carrie_Preston #TheGoodWife @GoodWifeWriters
  • @tvaddict91 Not only was this episode basically a Diane episode, it also had the amazing Elsbeth Tascioni! Tonight’s #TheGoodWife was amazing!
  • @ZoeyGirlz What a great episode of #TheGoodWife I loved the push-me-pull-me pace. And the soundtrack, inspired –especially at the end!
  • @tracyjust Excellent episode of #thegoodwife! Best drama on tv.
  • @djolder #thegoodwife knows how to ratchet up tension without blowing shit up or merking characters. Respect.
  • @Miss_Femina Great #thegoodwife episode! Perfect to start a new year!
  • @Kiki1788 I want to watch again!!! cannot wait! #TheGoodWife
  • @sabrinab1973 Wow. I’m not disliking Cary. Wow. #thegoodwife #thingschange
  • @nicki_mara Absolutely loving #CarriePreston on #TheGoodWife. Start smiling as soon as I hear mention of her character.
  • @Megabby just dropping by to say that epi of #TheGoodWife was flawless! amazing! maybe my fav this season so far ^^
  • @SimonYeMoney That was one of the best episodes of #TheGoodWife yet. They need some more of David Lee in every episode
  • @TheComet13 Im squealing…i cant deal with the way kalinda looks at alicia and the way she reacts to what happens to alicia #TheGoodWife
  • @wholovestv #thegoodwife cast is ON FIRE tonight. Yay serialized ensemble shows. There are never enough of you.

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