TV Twitter Reactions: One Tree Hill 9×01 “Know This, We’ve Noticed”

One Tree Hill returned to The CW for its ninth and final season on Wednesday. Read what folks tweeted following the premiere.

  • @hollyvengeance Oh #OTH, you tug at my heart strings every time.
  • @iHeartLiiife Brooke’s babies look like little nuggets of adorable-ness #OTH
  • @Adubsmusic #oth is so consistent, that’s the same nurse that treated karen and haley in season 4 lol
  • @wildthang_13 definitly teared up when brooke saw her daddy #OTH
  • @caitrit Im gonna miss this show so much once this season is over#takingitallin #onetreehill
  • @AshleyAnabelle This is looking like it’s gonna be an epic season! #ONETREEHILL
  • @RoniTrav welcome back into my life #onetreehill ❤
  • @FarrahWritesTV Um, I’m kind of bored with this episode. Totally not living up to the hype. #OneTreeHill
  • @alwayskatex3 Enjoyed #OneTreeHill ❤ can’t wait for next week’s episode already
  • @bp071115 #onetreehill why do u have 2 start then end in what seems like 5 mins? But damn did I miss u!!!!
  • @taylorkaralee Can’t believe chris kellers back on #onetreehill If only Lucas and Peyton were back
  • @tessa_raye #onetreehill is creeping me out! I want to know who was at that door.
  • @Hilary_Iverson3 I honestly don’t know if I can watch #OTH anymore because I physically can’t listen to Chris Kellar refer to himself in third person anymore
  • @UniqueEnech One Tree Hill was amazing!! #OTH ❤ Oh why do you have to end 😦
  • @llyLillyRae Ahhhhh #OTH was absolutely ah-ma-zing! Sooooo happy for the new season
  • @adiaz457 #OTH = AMAZING! can’t wait for next week!
  • @ali_lauren14 My review on tonights #OTH…that was AMAZING
  • @devanb22 I’m going to start talking in third person thanks to #ChrisKeller#OneTreeHill
  • @jessiebartley What’s Dan got up his sleeve??? #onetreehill
  • @jt5653 I am uber confused.. what’s going on?!? #OneTreeHill
  • @its_peanut Brooke’s house has stairs to go upstairs…how come she never uses the second floor #onetreehill
  • @tplant36 Enjoyed @ThisIsLafferty‘s narration tonight. Going to miss seeing him in every episode this season! #onetreehill

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  1. Great, for a long time I expect this return of One Tree Hill, I saw previous seasons and I like it very much.

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