TV Twitter Reactions: 30 Rock 6×01 “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching”

Read the reactions on Twitter following the 30 Rock Season 6 premiere on Thursday.

  • @peeondionne #30rock hilarious I must say.
  • @deepfriedlard Slightly disturbed to see John McEnroe play an optimistic nice guy on #30Rock.
  • @queenofquiet Whoever decided to bring back D’Fwan for this episode, I love you.#30Rock
  • @jayjaydubs Jack McBrayer in neon green leggings…file under ‘cannot unsee’#30rock
  • @paigee_marshall #30Rock is back. Oh my god. I’m dying of happiness & smiles right now.
  • @parinadee Is it just me or does Alec Baldwin look somewhat younger in this#30Rock premiere?
  • @Kleinkm This is the best parody of the possible upcoming Rapture that I have ever seen. #30Rock #Kennethisperfect
  • @deveautrain Thank God #30Rock is back. That is all.
  • @ClevelandBred1 why am i just getting hip to #30Rock?
  • @lawl_smitty #30rock is television comedy gold
  • @BetterLuckChuck Oh #30Rock, how I’ve missed you. It’s amazing that a show this funny was created by NBC.
  • @OLNerdyBastard This is the only time I’m pissed at #30Rock.
  • @klutzy83 McEnroe as the nice guy. TWIST. #30Rock
  • @serionz_says Looks like everything on Thursday night tv sucks except #30rock
  • @kenzieness206 amazing! So worth the wait. It couldn’t have been any better #30Rock
  • @EternalLLL02 Oh #30Rock, I’ve missed you!
  • @_TheLeader #30Rock is the best! #TinaFey is a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

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